Professional Kit Assembly

Many model railroads have all the track work done and most of the scenery in place, but very few quality structures. For most modelers building structure kits with good results (especially the painting and weathering process), is one of the harder parts of the hobby. It is also extremely time consuming so they never get around to it and leave it undone. For those new to the hobby building structure kits sometimes appears so daunting they perpetually push assembling structures in to the distant future and never complete them.

Building structure kits involves using paints, thinners, glues, stains, washes and weathering powders that need well ventilated areas (especially when airbrushing). Most modelers don't have a clean room or spray booth and they either don’t have the workbench space or due to family concerns can’t "smell up" the house from the chemicals. There is also quite an investment in a wide variety of hand tools, motor tools, jigs and other "gadgets" to help properly construct structure kits.

Affordable Model Railroads can erase all of the negative concerns about assembling kits for you. We can make any kit that is available on the market (or stashed in your storage) in to a completely assembled, painted and weathered structure ready to place on your railroad and enjoy. For only a small additional cost we can even add third party details or build an entire scene or diorama around your structure.

Many modelers order their structures well in advance of when they anticipate being able to have the scene ready for them. The advantage of this is three fold: 1) It allows you to get into our rotation early to shorten your wait time, 2) it allows for the models to arrive in coordination with the completion of the scene the model is assigned to, and 3) it allows you to be on a regular schedule of having multiple models built so you can set a planned budget rather than one big expense right away, sort of like a "model of the month club".

One of the biggest untold secrets in model railroading is how many modelers actually have some or al...and remember you can request our work be confidential so you too can become part of the secret.

What Does Itl of the structures on their railroad professionally assembled, painted and weathered.. Cost?

Assembling kits does take time, some of the seemingly simplest kits on the market can take experienced modelers 4-6 hours to build and the more advanced kits can take weeks or even months.

While each kit is different in complexity and level of detail, generally the cost of assembly for most kits is 4 times the suggested retail cost of the kit plus a small fee for the cost of consumables like paints, adhesives, thinners, abrasives, etc. used in assembly. Shipping is always extra.

Standard assembly includes preparation of all kit included parts including despruing, deburring, sanding, filing, pre-fitting, gluing, and gap filling. Basic painting and weathering is also included in our price.

Adding third party detail, interior detail, lighting, scenic effects, detailed custom painting and heavy custom weathering and building a diorama for the structure is extra at parts retail price plus a $45 per hour custom work fee.

We can either purchase the unassembled kit and any additional detail parts for you and add the shipping and retail cost to your assembly (we do not add any markup on the purchase of the kit over the retail price), or you can order your own kits and ship them directly to us. Retail price is based on the Walthers catalog price or the manufactures suggested retail price if not in the Walthers catalog. In rare instances there is a price increase after the Walthers catalog is printed. If that is the case we will notify you of any cost increase prior to purchasing the kit.

To see our project photo gallery, including a sampling of completed kit assemblies click here.

Click here to let us know what model you would like custom assembled, painted and weathered and we'll be glad to give you a quote on cost and turnaround time.