Custom Model Railroad Layout Design Services

A custom model railroad layout design is by far the most important part of any layout. Proper planning of your custom model railroad design will produce maximum enjoyment from the available space for the life of your railroad. On the other hand, mistakes made during the custom model railroad layout design stage can adversely affect the enjoyment of your railroad operation for its entire existence.

Great custom model railroads start with a master plan, your vision of the empire you want to create. Your custom model railroad design needs to have a primary theme. Your primary theme could be anything from a heavy coal hauler, a pacific northwest logging short line to a busy passenger line...or something completely freelanced. Think about the world you want to create, what areas of your layout will be mountains, deserts, forests, prairie, farmland and cities. You can even go as far as modeling a specific period in time, say the steam to diesel transition period, a modern intermodal carrier or back to the gold rush's your world, your custom model railroad layout design. Its our job to help you decide what will be most enjoyable for you...we create your vision and "Get Your Dreams On Track".

What Do Custom Model Railroad Layout Design Services Include.

We will discuss with you in detail your vision of theme and operation. What type of scenery, structures, motive power and rolling stock you desire to operate. What time period, geographic location and acceptable budget for the project. We will ask you to provide us as much information as you can to help us understand your vision as far as sketches, drawings, photos, verbal details of your concept, etc..

For some more complex designs or rooms with several "unusual features" or for prototype specific designs we may recommend an on-site survey or research of an area. This is an optional service where I will personally come to your location or research site, take detailed measurements and photos, gather specific research information and consult with you in person about your unique set of circumstances.

After our initial consultations and/or on-site surveys to get a complete understanding of your vision, we will prepare a bench work outline and basic mainline drawing to make sure everyone is on the same page. From this point we will continue to add track design details such as spurs, yards, passing sidings, branch lines, etc. to refine the plan until you are completely happy with the final draft. We do not charge extra for changing details and refining a plan. If there are major changes that occurs once we are into the design process you will be notified and if you agree to continue the changes those will be billed additionally at our competetive hourly design rate.

What Do Custom Model Railroad Layout Design Services Cost?

The custom model railroad layout design cost is based on several factors: 1) The size of the layout. Obviously it takes a lot more work to design a 2500 sq. ft. layout as opposed to a simple 12' x 12' bedroom layout. 2) The complexity and diversity. Layouts featuring many turnouts to create yards and heavy industrial switching areas take significantly more time and effort than a southwestern desert mainline. 3) If basing the design on a prototype there is significant time in research needed to gather and utilize that information. 4) The optional design services you select.

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Once your design in complete you may want to consider as an optional service ordering full size track plan print templates to make constructing your custom model railroad layout design easier and faster than you thought possible. Click Here For More On This Option

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