We Can Fully Construct Your Layout All Or Part In Our Shop Or Right On Your Site.

For our Full Layout Construction service we can build your railroad either completely on-site or we can build most of your railroad at our shop in sections and then deliver and assemble on-site. There are advantages and disadvantages to both methods as explained below.

Every Full Layout Construction service begins with a comprehensive consultation on each step of the process of designing and building your model railroad empire. During your personal consultation we can determine which of our two construction methods (or combination of methods) is best for you.

The time it takes to build a model railroad varies greatly depending on the size, complexity, type of scenery, number of structures (and how many are kits vs. scratch built) and the complexity of the wiring. Here are a few of main factors used in determining if in-shop or on-site construction is best for you.

On-Site Full Layout Construction Advantages

1). If we are building a large layout in our shop space that will require multiple delivery trips, travel time, transportation charges for delivery and set-up may be considerably more than on-site construction per diems and accommodations.

2) . Do you want to participate, learn or watch the progress? If so we need to be on-site to work hand in hand with you teaching you how to build a proper model railroad.

3). Is the railroad design, scenery or significant number of structures based on a prototypical area near your location? If yes then there may be significant travel and research expenses saved if we do not have to make several or extended research trips to the area from our location during construction.

4). Do you want to be able to run trains once each section of track laying and electrical are complete while the structures, scenery and final detailing are being completed? If yes, then obviously we need to be on-site.

5) Have you already started the benchwork of your layout or are we completing other work already started? If so we will need to complete the selected portions on-site. 

In-Shop Full Layout Construction Advantages

1). If it is a small, midsized or shelf layout it may be less expensive to construct in shop and deliver to the site rather than absorb the per diems and accommodations of an extended on-site build.

2). If you do not want the extended number of months on-site construction work will take place in your home or layout space then in-shop construction is the way to go.

3). If you have insufficient workshop space or shop tools available on-site it is usually best to have the layout built in our shop and delivered and installed on-site.

4). If for any reason we will not be able to have access to the layout space on a daily basis for an extended period of time during construction then in-shop or part in-shop construction will be best for you.

5). If local accommodations are prohibitively expensive you may save significant expenses with in-shop or partial in-shop construction due to the fewer days or weeks we will need to be on-site. 

What Does It Cost?

Affordable Model Railroads can build some or all of your railroad in our shop and deliver or we can build all or part of it on your site. Layout construction is strictly custom and is based on the cost of materials plus a competitive per man hour fee for labor. For on-site work depending on the size and complexity of your layout design, minimal travel expenses for 2 or 3 people may be required.

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