Track And Roadbed Laying:

Installation Can Be Done At Our Shop or On Your Site:

Once your layout design is complete and the hard manual labor of constructing the benchwork is over it is time to lay your sub-roadbed, roadbed and track.

Properly done roadbed and trackwork not only adds realism to the look and feel of your railroad, but it is essential for proper operation. There is nothing worse on a layout than bad trackwork that constantly causes derailments and frustration when operating your trains. Nothing is more embarrassing than having other modelers or visitors over and everyone watches as your prize locomotives and string of 40 intermodal cars with containers jump the track and scatters all over that beautifully sceniced s-curve canyon scene.

Affordable model railroads will properly and professionally install your sub-roadbed, roadbed, track, turnouts and ballast all the while testing and retesting to make sure your trains operate smooth as silk. We can even paint and weather the track and ties adding the most realistic look to your mainline, sidings, spurs and yards.

What Does It Cost?

Affordable Model Railroads can install some of the roadbed and track in our shop and deliver or we can install all or part of it on your site. Roadbed and track installation is strictly custom and is based on the cost of materials plus a competetive per man hour fee for labor. For on-site work depending on the size and complexity of your layout design, minimal travel expenses for 1 or 2 people may be required. For large or complex projects that require more than 2 people additional labor may be hired locally under our on site supervision and direction to save you on additional transportation costs.

Please click here to contact us if you would like a quote on our Track and Roadbed Laying service. Please include as much information as you can (layout track plan cad file, photos, sketches, shape and dimensions of layout room, showing height restrictions, obstructions like stairs, piping, posts/pillars, etc.) and please put all your contact information including your telephone number so we may contact you with any questions.