Benchwork Construction:

We Can Build In Our Shop Or On Your Site:

Okay, your design is done. You have Affordable Model Railroad's Full Size Track Plan Prints ready to go.....Now it is time to get started building your benchwork. Maybe you aren't a carpenter or you don't have the many hand and power tools required to properly construct your benchwork. Maybe all that saw dust and cleaning up all the time just doesn't appeal to you. Don't worry, an Affordable Model Railroads team will come to your site and build your benchwork for you or we can build it in our shop in sections and then deliver and set it up for you..

Affordable Model Railroads can do it all from only building shelf layout benchwork to the full preparation of your model railroad room. Proper room preparation and benchwork construction is the cornerstone and foundation to your model railroad. If there is any part of the layout building process where hiring a professional is recommended it is in this stage. If you take shortcuts or make mistakes in this stage it will have detrimental effects on the operation of your railroad empire for its entire existence.

To see our project photo gallery, including a sampling of constructed benchwork click here.

What Does It Cost?

Affordable Model Railroads can build all or part of the benchwork in our shop and deliver or we can build all or part of it on your site. Benchwork construction is strictly custom and is based on the cost of materials plus a competetive per man hour fee for labor. For on-site work depending on the size and complexity of your layout design, minimal travel expenses for 1 or 2 people may be required. For large or complex projects that require more than 2 people additional labor may be hired locally under our on site supervision and direction to save you on additional transportation costs.

Please click here to contact us if you would like a quote on our Complete Benchwork Construction service. Please include as much information as you can (photos, sketches, shape and dimensions of layout room, showing height restrictions, obstructions like stairs, piping, posts/pillars, etc.) and please put all your contact information including your telephone number so we may contact you with any questions.