Scenery Construction.

We Can Come To You And Build Your Scenery On Site:

You built your benchwork, laid your sub-roadbed, roadbed and track, wired up your layout, placed a few structures and have begun running trains. Now is the time to do the scenery. At this point many modelers make one of three decisions about their scenery, 1) they never continue with the scenery and their railroads are perpetually unfinished or 2) they rush through it "just to get it done" and are left with bad scenery that seriously detracts from an otherwise fine layout or 3) they just can't get it to look right and get frustrated and give up.

Everyone wants a layout with beautiful scenery for their trains to travel through, but creation can be a difficult and dirty job that few modelers want to do on their own. Most modelers do not have the artistic touch that really good scenery takes and some just don't like the mess and the cleaning up it requires

No matter what the negatives are no railroad is complete without a geographic world to travel over, under and through. Scenery is what makes a simple train set a true model railroad layout. Properly done scenery is what makes the difference between an average railroad and a great looking railroad.

There is no longer any reason to be without great looking scenery. Whether you are modeling the southwestern deserts of Arizona and New Mexico, the rugged Rockies of Colorado, the majestic Cascades of the pacific northwest, the great plains of Nebraska or the coal laden hills of Appalachia, Affordable Model Railroads will research, design and build all or part of your scenery on site directly on your layout to insure the proper look, fit and finish to complete your model railroad empire.

What Does It Cost?

Affordable Model Railroads can build some the scenery in our shop and deliver or we can build all or part of it on your site.  Scenery construction is strictly custom and is based on the cost of materials plus a competetive per man hour fee for labor. For on-site work depending on the size and complexity of your layout design, minimal travel expenses for 1 or 2 people may be required. For large or complex projects that require more than 2 people additional labor may be hired locally under our on site supervision and direction to save you on additional transportation costs.

Please click here if you would like a quote on our On-Site Scenery Construction. Please include as much information as you can (type of scenery, conceptual idea, example photos of existing layout, sketches, dimensions, height restrictions, track play, etc.) and please put all your contact information including your telephone number so we may contact you with any questions.

Working with plaster, foam panels, paints, washes, powders, glues, epoxies, silicone calks, both natural and synthetic ground coverings, foliage and tree armatures, rock castings and gets messy. There is also the patience factor. All of that scenery material needs to be mixed, poured, cast, painted and glued each step of the way and the waiting between each step for everything to dry makes it seem as though the scenery takes forever to complete.